NWS series night vision weapon sights are lightweight and compact designs products in military standards.

● NWS-4 is particulary suited for use on short range / smaller calibre 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm weapons

● NWS-6 is particulary suited for use on long range / larger calibre 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm weapons

● Interface brackets are available to mount NWS-4 & NWS-6 to a wide variety of weapons

● The fully ruggedised and qualified design offers x4 or x6 magnification and a high resolution image to allow effective operation during lowlight conditions

● In NWS series sights,  2nd generation or 3rd generation Image Intensifier Tube is used

● Power is derived from 2 commercially available 1.5V AA batteries, which afford up to 70 hours continuous use


Model  TV/NWS-4  TV/NWS-6   
Magnification X4 X6 
Field of View 5.7°  
Tube Type 18 mm GEN II+ / GEN III    
Eyepiece Diopter +2 to -6  or Fixed -1± 0.35    
Eye Relief 30 mm/td>    
Battery 2 x 1.5V AA Battery    
Battery Life At +20°C  Minumum 70 hours (Lithium battery)     
Personal Detection Range (with GEN III, 64 lp/mm tube) Clear star light 526 m 2170 m
  Moon light 3269 m 3840 m
Weight 1400 grams 1800 grams  
Dimensions 210 x 80 x 105 mm 260 x 104 x 103 mm