Terms of Using and Privacy Policy

Terms of Using & Privacy Policy


Please read terms and conditions below before using the services of this web site.

By using Transvaro Internet Site Services you are assumed to accept the binding terms and conditions mentioned below. In case you don't find these terms and conditions appropriate please don't use these services.

The ownership of the contents of this services belongs to Transvaro Elektron Aletleri San. Ve Tic. A.S. and/or its suborganizations (Transvaro©). Copy rights of Transvaro Internet Site Services belongs to 2017 Transvaro Elektron Aletleri San. Ve Tic. A.S. and all rights reserved in all countries.

No part of Transvaro Internet Site Services may be reproduced, copied, transferred or distributed in any means electronic or mechanical or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission. Transvaro accepts that you can save the copies of the contents of these services to your computer or print  only for personal use with the condition that Transvaro title is not harmed. Information presented in these services cannot be changed without written permission. Personal documents in Transvaro Internet Site Services may be subject to other additional conditions in related documents. Informations presented in Transvaro Internet Site Services are presented as they are. Absoluteness, dependability or about contents of service cannot be guaranteed in any way. Transvaro cannot guarantee that services or servers does not contain computer virus or other harmful components. Transvaro is not liable for the other sites that you reach using the links in Transvaro Internet Site. Please read other sites legal warning pages for mor information.

"Transvaro" trade mark and all trade marks of Transvaro (whether referenced in Transvaro internet web pages or not) are officially registered trade marks of Transvaro.

Transvaro Internet Site Services may contain some incomplete technical details or clerical errors. Transvaro can add, alter the contents or block access to these services.

Transvaro or its representatives cannot be hold responsible for lack of performance, error, process or data transfer lateness, computer virus, line or system failure, direct, indirect, secondary or accidental damage, profit loss  that can be caused by using Transvaro Internet Site Services or the linked sites.

All activities in Transvaro Internet Site are being recorded. Personal user information (name, address, date of birth, etc.) is not required and not being recorded.


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