Part of our mission in Transvaro is, to provide our customer with high-tech products and best of our services.

Transvaro always provides support after sale to their customers for sold technological product.  After or during warranty period, maintenance and repairing service gets done by expert team fastest way possible. Transvaro, stocks the components which produced and supplied so that maintenance/repair services would be done on fastest way possible. Even if there is a situation with no possible way to supply to do maintenance and repair, Transvaro always will find a solution.

Transvaro tests the compatibility of the hi-tech products which are being manufactured by Transvaro with the military standards at its laboratories continuously. The equipment and devices of all type at the laboratory are regularly calibrated while several others are available for those who wish to test their products through Teknik Laboratuvar Hizmetleri Danışmanlık Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.For further information regarding the tests performed, please contact with the aforenamed company.

Technology always advances, who watches it closely always will be in an advantageous position. Transvaro also supports the upgrading of its products with the mission of providing customers with maximum benefit from the products offered to them. We offer solutions for time increased performance fall of components such as image intensifier tubes as well as upgrading to higher performance components provided by latest technology. Moreover, Transvaro does not limit this support to its own products. Transvaro can modernize its products with knowledge of its own and know-how owing to this Transvaro also can modernize many foreign origin products in its own product group.

A tube repair line has been built to repair 18mm and 25mm Image Intensifier Tubes used in Night Vision Devices. In tube repairs, the defective unit (Bare Tube and Power supply) is detected and replaced with the new one and necessary assembly and tests are performed. The goal of tube repair is; If the bare tube is intact, using a new power supply, it will bring an economical value to the tube at the correct price and make it usable.

In Image Intensifier Tube repairs; Testing of bare tube and power supply units, ultrasonic cleaning process, installation of bare tube and power supply units and chemical filling and insulation process, tube’s gain and EBI settings and controls, body assembly and making product final, tube operational test and function test and complete tests of tube function is being made.