ENGEREK-6S is designed for use with a range of opticl dayscopes and provides snipers with a 24 hour surveillance and target engagement capability. ENGEREK-6S, delivers a capability to detect man and vehicle targets 24 hours a day, even in poor visibility. Unlike image intensified night observation devices, ENGEREK-6S can see in total darkness and through battlefield obsurcants.ENGEREK-6S utilises the latest in un-clooed thermal imaging technology to provide a superior performance to weight/size ratio. The low power consumption of this technology allows ENGEREK 6S to operate for more than 8 hours continuously on one set of lithium AA batteries, greatly reducing through life costs. ENGEREK-6S is factory set to eleminate the need for zeroing when the Clip On Thermal Sight is fitted and removed from in front of dayscope. A light tight seal is provided between the Clip On Thermal Sight and the dayscope.

● Transit Case

● Carrying Pouch

● Weapon Mount Bracket

● Lens Cap

● Lityum AA type battery (4 pcs)

● NiMh AA type rechargeable battery (4 pcs)

● Battery Charger

● Lens Cleaning Kit

● User Manual


System Specifications

  • Field of View
    7.4 ° (Horizontal)
  • Magnification
  • Objective Focus Range
    5m to infinity
  • Power
    2.1 Watt
  • Thermal polarity
    Warm Black , Warm White
  • Silent Operation
    5 mt
  • Weapon Mount

Electrical Specifications

  • I/0 Port
    RS170A Video output
  • External Power Source
    7-20V dc
  • Battery
    4 x 1 .5V Lithium AA type battery
  • Battery Life
    8 hours (at +23°C with 4 pcs Energizer L91 battery)
    5 hours (at +23°C with 4 pcs rechargeable NiMH battery)

Thermal Detector Specifications

  • Detector Type 
    Uncooled Microbolometer, Vanadium Oxide
  • Wavelength
  • Array Format
  • Pixel Size
    17 μm
  • Thermal polarity
    Warm Black , warm white

Physical Specifications

  • Weight
    1060 grams (Excluding battery)
  • Dimensions
    239x86x88 mm

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temparature
  • Storage Temparature
  • Vibration
    20Hz - 0.005 g²/Hz
    80-350Hz - 0.004 g²/Hz
    2000Hz - 0.007 g²/Hz
  • Immersion
    1 meter water in 60 mins
  • Thermal Shock
    From -40°C to + 55°C in 2-3 mins 
  • Humidty
  • Operating Altitude
    15000 ft