TRV-GSR 0802 combines the given data from the Laser Range Finder, GPS and north finder sensors to estimate the target’s global and relative position, azimuth and angular position and transfers the data to the EO suite. Localization is calculated on the fly by various algorithms, which applies sensor fusion methods in order to minimize the error. The system features the all-weather operation, detection of distance, accurate real-time positioning of the target, powerful ability to discover and capture the target, etc.

● Border defense duty,

● SWAT reconnaissance,

● Anti-terrorism 

● Anti-riot,

● Coastal defense duty

● Battlefield reconnaissance.


● Remote operation with IP communication.

● Long detection range

● Integration with camera subsystems

● Integration with C4i systems, local operation

● Intellegent ruling element in sensor system

● Key element of large border security system


  • Working frequency
    Ku band (12-18 GHz)
  • Detecting Range (Pd=0.8, Pfa=10–6)
  • Pedestrian
    10km (σ=0.5m²)
  • Soldier
    12km (σ=1m²)
  • Vehicles
    15km (σ=10m²)
  • Large vehicles:
    25km (σ=50m²)
  • Antenna sector scan angle
    0° - 360°
  • Sector adjusment
    20° - 180°
  • Rotating table scanning speed
    Low, medium, high
  • Scan rate
  • Elevation angle
    ≤ ±20°