The Electro-Optical Sensor Suite is designed for

● Long range thermal camera,

● Laser Range Finder,

● Localization and North Finding,

● Daylight Camera

● Pan-tilt

● It does not need ”boresight“ and need calibration It adjustment

● It is formed in a closed box

● Weight of the electro-optics suite: <12kg

● Weight of the pan / tilt unit: <30kg

● It can be easily mounted on the base of the operation area.

● Indicator shows the elapsed working time of camera

● Continuous coverage of the entire area

● Several Electro-Optical networks can be networked, integrated and managed

Xenics (made in Belgium)

● Focus range: 100m to infinity, continuous optical zoom

● Laser range finder max range:> 30km, for human target:> 10km

● Daylight camera objective: 12.5-750mm 60X optical zoom